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Welcome to my mindfulness, somatic and creativity based psychotherapy practice serving individuals, couples and groups.

We all experience times when life feels all tangled up, when clarity and direction are painfully absent.

Any number of situations (in the present and the past) can cause you to feel lost, stressed, anxious, unable to relate to your friends, lovers, coworkers or even yourself. I understand how overwhelming these feelings can be, and how alone it might make you feel.

Together we can walk on the path of self-discovery and acceptance. I can be with you to listen, to see the unique you, and to understand your individual situation as you gain clear perspective, feel and express your true and vital self.

I am dedicated to helping you come home to yourself to create lasting change so that you can live fully, love freely and express yourself authentically.

I am interested in your experience rather than telling you how or what to feel and do. I will be curious with you, listening deeply and compassionately to mind, body and heart.

Using a present-focused, creative approach to psychotherapy that includes the body, heart and mind, we will:

  • Be curious about your experience in the moment, and work with you to discover the inner and outer resources you can incorporate into your life to help provide safety and ease.
  • Listen closely and compassionately to your hopes and fears.
  • Develop meaningful ways to acknowledge and experience your natural states of compassion, trust, acceptance and safety.
  • Develop a familiarity with the previously disconnected, disowned and devalued parts of our experience and emotional states.

We will work together to build your self-understanding and skills to develop lasting change in your life so that you can:

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  • Express yourself with more ease and clarity in order to develop more satisfying relationships at home, work and in community.
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend in your head worrying and planning so that you can really be present for those around you.
  • See the truth behind old patterns, negative thoughts, and limiting beliefs so that you can engage in the activities and relationships you desire.
  • Attend to old wounds and losses so you can feel more ease in your heart and body.
  • Learn new ways to cope with difficult emotions and situations so that you can free yourself from destructive habits and behaviors.

I will:

  • Provide a safe space for your experience so you can learn to navigate the territory and apply what you learn about yourself into your everyday life.
  • Offer guided exercises/visualizations to strengthen your connection to your own natural inner resources.
  • Explore body-based exercises and therapeutic touch to help calm anxiety and regulate emotions.
  • I can help you discern your authentic experience from the unconscious expectations you have adopted from your family, community and society.
  • Provide mindfulness based approaches and guided meditations.
  • Offer companionship as you navigate the murky waters of self-doubt, uncertainty, shame and loss.
  • Invite creative expression to support your process as needed.
  • Support deep self-inquiry that can sometimes be hard to access on our own.
  • Relate to you in a deep and intimate way allowing for the healing to occur.

I can help people who have had difficult childhood connections - no matter what the circumstance may be.

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